Danielson Group

The Danielson Group
The Danielson Group seeks to advance the understanding and application of Charlotte Danielson’s concepts in the educational community, connect them to other areas of knowledge and enhance professional practices of educators so as to positively impact student learning.
The Group consists of consultants of the highest caliber, talent, and experience in educational practice, leadership, and research. Based in Princeton, New Jersey, the Danielson Group provides a wide array of professional development and consulting services to clients across the United States and abroad. The Danielson Group is the only organization approved by Charlotte Danielson to provide training and consultation around the Framework for Teaching.


The Danielson Group provides customized workshops and services to meet your individual needs. View the brochure to learn more about planning your training. Once you have determined your goals, Danielson consultants will adapt and tailor sessions to meet local needs.


Meet Charlotte Danielson

Charlotte Danielson is an internationally-recognized expert in the area of teacher effectiveness, specializing in the design of teacher evaluation systems that, while ensuring teacher quality, also promote professional learning. She advises State Education Departments and National Ministries and Departments of Education, both in the United States and overseas. She is in demand as a keynote speaker at national and international conferences, and as a policy consultant to legislatures and administrative bodies.

Ms. Danielson’s many publications range from defining good teaching (“Enhancing Professional Practice: a framework for teaching,” 2007), to organizing schools for student success (“Enhancing Student Achievement: a framework for school improvement,” 2002), to teacher leadership (“Teacher Leadership that Strengthens the Profession,” 2006), to professional conversations (“Talk about Teaching! Conducting Professional Conversations,” 2009), to numerous practical instruments and training programs (both onsite and online) to assist practitioners in implementing her ideas.

For more information on the Danielson Group, visit www.danielsongroup.org.